• Dissertation Project
    • “Variation in Public Responses to Violence against Civilians”
  • Publications.
  • Papers in Progress
    • “State Absence, Vengeance, and the Logic of Vigilantism in Guatemala” (with David Dow, Diego Romero, and Juan Tellez). Pre-Analysis Plan. Under Review.
    • “Violence Against Civilians and Public Support for Armed Groups: The Role of Context.” Working Paper.
    • “Diplomatic Signals and the Strategic Use of Terrorism in Civil Wars” (with Rebecca Dudley, Chong Chen, and David Siegel). Working Paper.
    • “Extortion and Civic Engagement Among Guatemalan Deportees” (with Elaine Denny, David Dow, and Mateo Villamizar Chaparro). Working Paper.
    •  “The Electoral Effects of Targeted Post-Conflict Political Violence” (with Mateo Villamizar Chaparro). Working Paper.
  • Field and Policy Work
    • Colombia (on hold for COVID): elite interviews and archival visits
    • Guatemala (2019-present): DevLab@Duke longitudinal survey of individuals repatriated from the United States to Guatemala
    • Guatemala (2019): DevLab@Duke endline survey for a U.S. Department of State community policing project (MPP) intended to improve police-citizen relations, increase inter-police collaboration, and reduce crime
    • Argentina (2016): archival research concerning the visit of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Argentina in 1979

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